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TV Cursor Generator for HD and SD operation Precision Graticules for HD-SDI: 1920~1280/SD720: 24/25/30/48/50/60 I/P/S Fixed Cursors automatically track the TV Standard Detected Aspect   Ratio   Conversion   and   Standards   Conversion   between   TV   formats   is   an   every   day   occurrence,   and   the   functionality   and intuitive   ease   of   operation   which   has   been   a   hall   mark   of   the   Murraypro   CAGEs   since   first   inception,   and   release,   in   the   mid '70s, is retained along with the intuitive "look and feel" of our earlier CAGE-2K. CAGE   HD/SD   superimposes   accurately   computed   cursors   that   mark   the   specified   zones   within   which   it   is   deemed   "safe"   to include either important "Action", or critical "Graphics" material. Designed to be added to the SDI video feed ‘upstream’ of  the TV monitor, it appears effectively "in series" with the Monitoring line. Our 5th generation CAGE-HD/SD automatically configures itself to the TV Standard detected, loading cursors selected from the internal Library via the front panel page selector. This is a far cry from the original ‘Graphics Safe’ concept when our original CAGE provided Broadcast Professionals with an 80% graticule showing the very conservative 80% zone that was then considered ‘safe’ for captions with the often poorly set up TVs  at home; it also eliminated Post-Production doubt regarding caption ‘centering’ whilst compensating for linearity errors and twisted scans on dubious CRT monitors.   Double press action ON/ON of an individual Page key will toggle the CAGE-HD/SD between two (usually) closely related cursors, such as "16:9 StP 14:9 Action" or "16:9 StP 14:9 Graphics" (= ‘Shoot to Protect’), for example. When using 625/50Hz Standard with a digital line length of 720 pixels, cursors are always calculated with respect to an effective picture width of 702 pixels, conforming with EBU R95: 2000. The CAGE-HD/SD Library is future proof, as Cursor Maps are held in tabular form, the fields of which may be updated to provide Users with Cursors computed to conform with the latest requirements. If the input signal's Standard changes, the CAGE will identify, and declare, the newly found TV standard with a brief on-screen text banner. HD Support In the HD environment, current operational practice is to generate cursors based on an effective line length of ({702/720}x1920)=1872 pixel, so that a direct scaled conversion to SD will result in identical cursor placment to that generated by EBU R95:2000 applied directly. Murraypro also provide the same Cursors, but computed with the "FULL Active HD" line length as 1920; this difference between 1872 and 1920 pixels represents a maximum positional difference of only1.5% but is provided for strict 1920 applications. These alternative ‘1872’ and ‘1920’ HD versions are simultaneously available, and selected by either the CAGE's upper selection selector row, or the lower selector row. Although Murraypro have built and supplied CAGEs for nearly 40 years, for the past 3 decades our CAGEs have provided a vital on-screen legend that always, and uniquely, identifies each Library page selected; an important function when many of the Cursor pages appear subjectively rather similar. We can't, of course, actually advise you which Cursor to use in a given Production situation, but we do always advise you which you are using! Movable Cursors Naturally, CAGE offers movable cursors too. These are User set to specify an area of interest which may be the position of a "lower frame super", or an on-screen "Ident" for example, and sometimes it may be necessary to set a Caption or some Graphic Artefact to a specific X / Y ratio, or to measure the width and height of an image (perhaps from an ARC or Telecine Machine) to check that the  picture Aspect Ratio has indeed been correctly set. The precise location of these Zones of interest are defined by means of a "box" with steerable edges. The pixel addresses of the box's H & V limits are shown numerically on the monitor screen, making it easy to record defined positions. These movable cursors may be be used directly, or several sets may be stored within the CAGE HD/SD in the multi-page non- volatile memory, to be available for future recovery and use later. Two Versions CAGE-HD/SD is available in two versions, a cost effective entry level ‘SD only’ version, and the fully fledged ‘HD/SD version’. The ‘SD only’ version of the CAGE, which has identical appearance, is designed to be upgradable to the full HD specification as your requirements develop and grow to encompass future requirements; so, no Capital Investment is wasted with our CAGE HD/SD! Without adjustment, the entry level SD version of the CAGE operates on 50 & 60Hz SDI standards, whilst the HD version also includes operation on 24/25/30:P&S and 48/50/60:I Hz Systems. By means of internal configuration links, it is possible to swap the HD/SD SDI output to be either a straight equalised & reclocked "clean" copy of the input, or to have the CAGE cursors added; the decision is entirely yours. By default, Murraypro will ship the CAGE with cursors enabled on to the SDI OP BNC. Internal VIDEO SCALER. A major feature of the CAGEHD/SD is the provision of an internal VIDEO SCALER. This generates a very useful baseband utility video OP of the SDI input which, in HD mode, is a scaled copy of the HD output signal, enabling the display of the CAGE's HD Cursors on a low cost monitor. This Utility DAC'd OP with the CAGE cursors inserted, may be DIP switch configured for approximately 5% "ZOOM", ensuring the Active Picture limits are always visible. DIP switches set the Scaler OP to be either YUV, RGsB, Y+C or CVBS video modes; and again, the choice is yours. Remote Contol Panel CAGE HD/SD is so compact that a Remote Control Panel is simply not required, nor is one offered! Your monitoring HD/SD SDI feed is fed to the IP on CAGE’s rear panel, and the equalised and fully buffered output (with the CAGE Cursors added) is then simply ‘looped’ onwards to your Picture Monitor; “Remote Panel eliminated” ~ and that’s it. Physical Attributes Power is supplied to the Unit via a 3 pin IEC320 connector to the internal universal SMPSU, covering operation off 100 ~ 240V ac supplies and  neatly eliminating our pet hate, those "wall-wart" and in-line "dangly" PSUs. Operation off  an external +7V to +18V power supply, for field use with nominal "+12V" battery derived supplies (when the Scaled SD video output is often used with low cost LCD displays too), is available to special order too. CAGE-HD/SD is completely self-contained and is controlled from it’s own front panel. So, no additional cost for an expensive ‘Remote Control’. Simplicity itself!  The CAGE may be used either as a free standing Unit, or mounted 1 or 2 up in a 1U rack slot, using the complimentary rack mounting kit. Cost of ownership is ruthlessly controlled by housing the Unit in a single compact case only 157w x 44h x 187mm deep (precisely matching our ultra-compact PICO miniature PPM!), and eliminating the requirement for an expensive and noisy rack- mount frame to house the electronics. The latest low power silicon has been selected, enhancing HD performance and also, vitally, reducing the power consumption to a miserly 4 Watts, with consequent heat generation reduced to an absolute minimum; totally eliminating the requirement for, and noise of, fans. Wonderful; Peace at last! Consider the saving in your installation costs too; with our complimentary IEC~IEC mains cable included, there are just two BNC connectors for the Wireman to terminate. Altogether a  speedy, and pleasingly cost effective installation.
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One day, all TV Monitors will be this good!
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CAGE HD/SD - Safe Area Generator
From the Company that produced the world's first commercially available TV Cursor Generator nearly 4 Decades ago (yes, in 1975!) whilst coining the acronym "CAGE", our line continues to this day with CAGE-HD/SD.
Standards supported SDI Operation @ 625i 50Hz SD-SDI   525i 59.94Hz SD-SDI  720p 50Hz 59.94Hz 60Hz   1080p25/30 23.97Hz 24Hz 25Hz 30Hz 1080i50/60 50Hz 59.94Hz 60Hz   1080ps 23.97Hz 24Hz 25Hz 30Hz
UK's ITV a “Happy Customer” “Safe Area generators are an essential tool in our studio and graphics areas. We need to ensure all our material is compliant with the Safe Area specification. We evaluated various models and the Murraypro Cage HD/SD was our first choice. It is very easy to use and the on screen legend is a good feature. We also liked the SDI input and output capability, which made it very easy to install in our existing SDI infrastructure” Duncan Wheelhouse, ITV Project Co-ordinator
CAGE-HD/SD was launched at a London Exhibition, with substantial pre-launch Orders already having been delivered to some of the UK's major TV Contractors. ITN and 17 regional news studios were re-equipping for increased capability with equipment that included Murraypro's new Cage HD/SD when the ITV regions upgraded.
On screen Banner declares ‘16x9 Graphics-Safe’  @ 625i 50Hz  702/720 pixel
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