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Director's LCD monitor with wireless RF link The highly portable "EZ-ROAM D" has been designed for life on the road, and is ruggedly constructed in an extruded aluminium case sealed to IP67, and tough enough to take every day knocks and bumps. Battery powered (and with an external dc input too), the EZ-ROAM D with it's 7" LCD provides robust diversity radio reception, whilst the recessed controls offer selection between video inputs, 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios, Horizontal & Vertical flip, and stereo audio monitoring. There is even an RX OP on BNC. Order as ROAM-D(/A/P/V) Housed in a robust aluminium casing which is sealed to IP 65, and so effectively showerproof, the EZ-ROAM D is a "go any where" field monitor designed for every day use in the real world, and is ideal for use by TV Programme Directors. Supplied with it's own bespoke ever-ready case and sunhood fabricated in a tough Cordura ™ material, the EZ-ROAM D proved to all after a period of service in India, to be suitable for use in even the brightest conditions. Operating on the Licence-free* 2.4GHz band, EZ-ROAM D TX-RX pairs are operated on 1 of 4 switch-selected channels within the allocated band. Diversity reception is standard with the new EZ-ROAM D and the on-board logic crisply switches between the dual independent receivers ensuring that the optimum receive path is selected. Naturally, where a master video source is required, there is no limitation on the number of EZ-ROAM D receivers that may be used simultaneously on the same channel. To ensure total flexibility in the field, preferred channels may be re-selected at any time by means of the weatherproof switches, to reduce the risk of co-channel interference between multiple operational EZ-ROAM D pairs. Powered from Broadcast standard Anton Bauer (/A), PAG (/P)or V-lock (/V) style rechargable batteries, one can expect 6 - 8 hours of continous use from a freshly charged 100 Watt/hour pack; order as "EZ-ROAM-D(/A/P/V)" . An external dc input connector is also provided, which too is sealed to IP65, so that operation is practical from higher capacity external batteries, or continously via a mains power supply. Particularly useful when "long mics" are employed, camera audio may be looped from the HP output socket through the "473 TX" module and fed on to the EZ-ROAM D's own stereo HP Amp. The headphone output drive power is deliberately restricted to limit maximum sound levels (SPL) achievable. Mon-aural only operation is available when either of the 10mW or 500mW compact transmitter modules are in service. The 7" LCD is viewed through a tough scratch-resistant 2mm thick polycarbonate window with anti-glare finish. EZ-ROAM D's operational controls provide contrast, brightness and saturation variation, and are deeply recessed to afford maximum protection. The LCD's natural 16:9 ratio may be switched to 4:3, and separate Vertical Flip and Horizontal Flip switches are provided too. The duplex receivers' resilient dipole antennae are connected by means of robust gold plated SMA connectors but may be easily replaced in the field or swapped for directional models or range enhancement by using an alternative Yagi array or a Puck antenna. Please contact us for further information on these items. The EZ-ROAM D's LCD will display either the output of the local radio receiver OR an external CVBS video signal which is fed IN via the local BNC connector, use of which mode de-powers the radio receivers. When in receive mode, a fully buffered utility feed of the RX wireless picture is available with the BNC connector used as an output (with associated audio available on the 3.5mm headphone jack) and which may be suitable for guide track use with external equipment. The compact "CE Legal"10mW transmitterType 473-10, with a green dc power indicator LED, is mounted on a bracket clamped to the camera's 1/4" bush. Only a miniscule 35mA is drawn from the camera's Hirose 4 pin +12V utility OP, so, no danger of blown fuses here! Although the power of the transmitter is fixed by Statute within the EU, a careful choice of RX antennae can facilitate greatly increased range. Murrraypro offer a higher power transmitter Type 473-500, fitted with a red dc power indicator LED, radiating 500mW and which is suitable for use in many locations outside the CE, or for use within the CE zone when used in conjunction with our complimentary attenuator which limits the RF power output. Naturally current drain is somewhat larger with this more powerful Unit, and approximately 250mA will be drawn from a 12V source. We supply an in-line screw-in SMA attenuator with the '500 which ensures "legal" use within the EC when fitted, and which is simply removed when the high power operation is required. Cost effective replacements, to cover loss, are available if required. Mechanically, there is no difference between the high and low power transmitter units. A gimble mount is available for the EZ-ROAM monitor, enabling it to be camera mounted, complete with it's own battery pack, and tilted to be viewable from any angle, where it can form a useful suppliment to the viewfinder. When camera mounted, the direct BNC video input is normally selected, which disables the receiver and reduces power requirements to a minimum. Battery duration with a 100W/H battery may be extended to approximately 10 hours service. Internationally approved radio modules are utilised in the EZ-ROAM link, ensuring conformity through out the world where licence- free 2.4GHz operation is permitted. *If there is any doubt regarding local Approval status, prospective Users are strongly advised to confirm with their local Regulatory Authority that operation of this low power equipment is permitted, and what the possible ERP limitations may be. Murraypro are able to discuss and confirm only the technical parameters of the transmitters offered, and are unable to offer further advice on this topic. Low temperature operation below 0oC is possible, but the EZ-ROAM must pre-warmed and operated within an insulating protective padded case. Once powered, internal dissipation will maintain LCD temperature at safe operating levels, and operation down to below -30oC ambient should be possible. Users are cautioned that with un-prewarmed operation at very low temperature, metallic mercury may deposit on the CCF cathode, resulting in a dramatic reduction in back-light service life. .. EZ-ROAM transmitter................ EZ-ROAM receiver (The EZ-ROAM-D is shown here in it's complimentary bespoke case) Client Testamonial I just want to say that I've been using the EZ-ROAM  system for a couple of months now and think it's excellent. It has an excellent picture and it's so easy to use  --  which is ideal for Directors!  I've owned and operated other systems  and this is by far my favorite. I've shopped around and it's by far the cheapest too. .........................................R. J UK +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SPECIFICATION LCD:  7" TFT  16:9 & 4:3 ratios  234 x 480 (delta) pixels    400 Cd/M2  +/- 60o H  +40o -60oV 525/625  auto-switch  Horizontal Flip  Vertical Flip Audio reception  Stereo or  dual channel   Headphones  3.5mm jack  low or high impedance  current limited hearing protection RF Link  2.414, 2.432  2.450, 2.468GHz  10mW TX ERP ( 500mW option)    > 5.0MHz BW  ~ 45dB noise  EU & USA licence free compliant Video input/output   Radio Receiver  Ext CVBS IP on local BNC  RX channel OP on BNC Audio inputs   RF channel   50Hz - 15KHz 3.5mm audio jacks (stereo&mono) Power (Standard)  LION battery  A-Bauer, PAG, V-mount  100W/H 8 hours +, nominal Environmental  0oC to +60oC oper  -30oC to +80oC storage   IP 65  Optional:  -40oC to 0oC  after external pre-warm   Power requirements  8W nom max,  600mA/+12V nom LCD 800mA with diversity RX & LCD EZ-ROAM RX 225L  140 W  50 H mm (Exc: battery) 1.05KGm EZ-ROAM TX 90L  30W  30H mm 110Gm FAQ       Is it really waterproof?   The "EZ-ROAM D" is supplied in a case that is rated to IP65, but it will be understood, has a number of apertures in that case structure permitting connections to the outside world; and these have been sealed to the best of our ability. Inevitably, it may NOT be waterproof to IP65, which is "hoseproof from all directions"  but it should essentially be rain protected under normal use. With use "on the road" of course, seals will be expected to deteriorate, and the sealing can become less satisfactory with the passage of time. Murraypro would always recommend taking sensible precautions to prevent any electronic equipment experiencing direct contact with water, and failure to do so will inevitably increase the possibility of an unfortunate event!  In any case, the EZ-ROAM D is NOT specified  to IP68, which represents proof against total submersion in water. Can I use Mini-DV type batteries?  The "EZ-ROAM D" is designed for use with nominal 12V sources, and this includes the 14V Lithium Ion Broadcast range of batteries. This does NOT directly include the 7.2V "Mini DV" battery of the type you specify. However, it IS certainly possible for us to fit two of these batteries in series to produce 14V, and we offer this modification. The "EZ-ROAM" normally consumes less than 1 Amp, so you should consider the use of 2x 6AH packs, and you may wish to contact Hawk-Woods', as we have used their Products ourselves satisfactorily, as shown on the photograph of the rear of our own Uni-Vu3 LCD monitor.  Are there problems when using multiple batteries? It  must be appreciated that fitting two batteries in series is not always as simple as it would seem; and if one has a lower capacity than the other (whether due to state of charge, stated nominal AH capacity, age, or any other reason), it is possible for the stronger battery to attempt to reverse charge the weaker pack during operational use. This could have disastrous consequences, dependent upon the weaker battery's internal protection. We provide a measure of protection against this event with protection diodes as a matter of course; but we most certainly will not be able to provide any Warranty that your own batteries will have suitable internal protection. I have an existing Transmitter, can I use this with the EZ-ROAM D? The "EZ-ROAM D" is designed to function on the Licence free 2.4GHz band, using the frequencies declared in the Specification shown above. We are unable to confirm that OTHER Manufacturers' products will conform with the channels declared above which, we observe,  however are widely accepted for Video use. Their Conformance is a matter you must research for yourself in conjunction with their own Literature.
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