8x Analogue IP AES IP, option Stereo PHASE PEAK LEDs Self Contained
Product Description
8 Channels of PPM in only 1U, ideal for "5.1" & "6.1" To accommodate the proliferation of multi-channel audio programme production, Murraypro has designed the 1 U PPM 8; catering for these diverse needs via it's flexible input interface. Mechanical Peak Programme Meters with their clear scale are particularly "easy on the eye", as the PPM's classical fast attack and slow decay characteristic is very easy to follow, even after long periods. Practitioners soon find that simply appreciating the "angle" of the pointer gives precise indication of level, without the over fussy quantized steps of an LED display. Do not misunderstand this apparent simplicity however, as the PPM-8's digital processing resolves differences of only 0.1dB! PEAK level indication is provided for each audio channel and PHASE monitoring is provided on Go/No-Go green-red LED between pairs of inputs, maximising the PPM-8's usefulness in applications where stereo pairing is required.. Interfacing the PPM-8 into an installation is particularly easy and straightforward as audio may be fed in on either discrete XLR3-M (x8) or a single D25. Complimentary sex D25s are fitted, so that the signals may be looped through the PPM-8 and onto other equipment if required. The combination may even be used as a break-out facility. Naturally, the PPM8 has a high input impedance, and may be used un-balanced if required, with non-standard audio levels being accommodated via internal multi-turn preset gain controls. A gain variation of greater than +/- 10dB is available. Outline Specification   Only 1U High, 200mm deep, 1.9KG. * White LED illumination. Silky smooth PPM drive. * AES interface available. Universal Power Supply. * High visibility scaling. 110~240V 48~64Hz <10Watt.
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