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Triple 16:9 LCD monitor in only 2U Only 2U High. Approximately 20 Watts  Less than 75mm deep. 525/625 auto-switching 16:9 native, 4:3 switchable 2 video IP, front selectable Universal Power Supply. Virtually no horizontal cut-off Tiltable LCD panel. IEC mains input connector Internal SDI interface available External 12Volt power option Clean and bright pictures Stout steel housing Whisper quiet fan Highly affordable Tally lamps Robust steel casing Murraypro was first to introduce the Triple 16:9 in 2U format. Designed for applications where 16:9 and 4:3 aspect pictures must be monitored with correct geometry, it will also be useful where picture quality is important too. EZ3-4.5 is ideal for compact and space limited applications, fitting within a 2U rack envelope and yet it is only 70mm deep. The small size of the 960x234  4.5" LCD screen is deceptive with regard to the quality of the image produced. The LCD's pictures are eminently watchable, even for extended periods, as the required pixel inter-polation is performed both cleanly and smoothly, with the image being agreeably bright. A particularly pleasing feature of the chosen LCD, is the very small amount of horizontal cut-off, and so virtually nothing is lost from the picture displayed. The EZ3-4.5 front panel is equipped with RED Tally lamps, designed for interface with open collector logic, or a normally open contact set. Each LCD's input is selectable between dual CVBS or CVBS + SDI (when the SDI Option is specified).  Aspect ratio is selectable for 4:3 or 16:9 images The EZ3-4.5 is housed in a steel case, which affords a high level of protection for the monitor. A whisper quiet fan is fitted to ensure that the EZ3-4.5 runs cool, even when fitted with the optional SDI input cards, and operated under adverse conditions. Naturally we have also fitted our robust anti-glare protective front window to each LCD, ensuring maximum operational protection. The versatile EZ3-4.5 auto switches between 525 and 625 standards. Supplied with it's internal universal PSU, EZ3-4.5 can follow you around the world, ready for instant service anywhere..... adjustment free; requiring at most no more than a change of mains lead! Options When the SDI Option is fitted, the monitor may also be ordered configured with dual SDI inputs with front panel switched selection.
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